Fixing The Problem


What do most homeowners think they need to do when their gravel drive gets 'rough'? 

 "Add more gravel, of course!  What else?!"


Just 'dumping' on new material, without fixing the problem, is like putting a Band-Aid on a heart attack:

 It is usually a waste of time and money! 

In time, and with use, the surface gravel gets embedded in the dirt or substrate.  This leaves a hard-packed surface, allowing potholes to form where water pools in low areas.  The more you drive through the pothole, the bigger it gets.  You can fill the hole with gravel, but the first time you drive through it, you splash it right out again.  More gravel is NOT the solution.


(Honestly, have you ever wondered why you keep filling the same holes, in the same spot, year after year? )


The solution is: Fixing the problem! 


Driveway Reconditioning is a process whereby the embedded surface material is lifted back up to the surface, where it belongs!  Larger gravel and rock is exhumed from the substrate and the surface potholes and washboard conditions are repaired.  The surface is left smooth and flat with the gravel back on top, properly mixed, for a lasting result.